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Jobs That Pay £30 Per Hour

Paul MacKenzie-Cummins for

1. Project Engineer
Job description: Responsible for overseeing the development of a given project and ensuring that all the various parts are doing what they should be doing for the project to be a success. They will usually be involved in a project from conception to completion.
Entry Requirements: Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Average salary: £49,810 (ITJobsWatch)

2. Police Officer (inspectors and above)
Job description: A detective police inspector is a middle manager who is responsible for supervising the ranks of constable and sergeant and acting as a link between the investigating team and senior officers.
Entry requirements: No formal requirements, entry is open to anyone with a clean criminal record.
Average salary: £54,623 (source: GMB/ONS)

3. Accountant
Job description: Broadly speaking, an accountant will assess and monitor the financial health of a client, maintain accounting records, advise on tax issues and prepare financial statements including planning and forecasting.
Entry requirements: Degree (any discipline)/HND Diploma or foundation degree (but you will need to meet the UCAS requirement of 280-300 points).
Average salary: £53,660 (GMB/ONS)

4. Human Resources Manager
Job description: Maintaining employer relations; ultimately responsible for overseeing the operation and strategic management of an organisation including the recruitment and retention of staff, absence management and disciplinary procedures.
Entry requirements: None required. Managers enter the profession as a human resources assistant and can reach manager level within five years.
Average salary: £59,000 (source: Remuneration Economics)

5. Solicitor
Job description: These fall into two categories: commercial and non-commercial. Broadly speaking, they provide a wide range of legal support and advice to business and private clients on issues such as landlord and tenancy agreements, buying and selling property or matrimony.
Entry requirements: Degree (any discipline) or via the legal executive route.
Average salary: £54,000 (The Law Society)

6. Sales and Marketing Managers
Job description: Sales managers are responsible for monitoring and motivating a team of individuals, to mentor and get the best out of them. This will usually involve spending time with them out in the field and day-to-day contact to ensure that targets are met and resolve any issues that may arise. Marketing managers devise, develop and implement marketing campaigns to assist the launch of a new product or increase awareness and, ultimately, sales.
Entry requirements: Sales people can become managers within a relatively short period of time as promotion is based upon successful results. Marketeers can progress to management from the shop floor without a degree. However, progress will likely be sluggish. Most organisations will prefer candidates to hold a degree – not necessarily in marketing.
Average salary: £53,655 (source: GMB/ONS)

7. Management Consultants, Actuaries, Economists and Statisticians
Job description: Management consultants are hired by organisations to objectively analyse current practices, and use their skills and experience to implement changes to improve the organisations’ performance. Actuaries, economists and statisticians use statistical, mathematical and economic theory to make short and long-term financial forecasts.
Entry requirements: For all roles, a degree is required, preferably related to the subject.
Average salary: £55,700 (source: GMB/ONS)

8. Radiographer
Job description: Assists doctors in diagnosing the condition of a patient and contribute to devising an effective treatment plan. They will also perform intervention procedures including the removal of kidney stones, for instance.
Entry requirements: A degree or post-graduate qualification, preferably in a science-related discipline.
Average salary: to £50,733 (source: Prospects)

9. Public Relations Account Director
Job description: Responsible for managing the reputation of an individual or organisation by developing and maintaining their profile in the eyes of their publics.
Entry requirements: No specific requirements. The CIPR offers approved courses to educate PR’s on the theories and practices of public relations.
Average salary: £53,776 (source: Chartered Institute of Public Relations)

10. Event Organiser
Job description: From organising garden fetes, corporate hospitality or team-building exercises to managing large-scale events such as product launches or rock concerts, event organisers work hands-on from conception to completion.
Entry requirements: Personable people with great people skills are worth more than any degree. Entrants start at trainee level and can quickly move up the career ladder to senior management.
Average salary: £52,500 (source: Leapfrog International)

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