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10 Jobs That Pay £30k a Year

Paul MacKenzie-Cummins for

The UK's labour force is the second largest in the European Union with over 30 million people, according to the Office of National Statistics. According to the department's 2007 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, the median gross annual earnings for full-time workers was £24,000 for the tax year ending 5 April 2007.

If you are wondering what types of jobs actually pay the more than national average salary, we have selected 10 based on the UK Average Salary Survey.

1. Accountant: In-house accountants assess and monitor the financial health of a company, prepare and settle invoices, organise and advise on tax issues, and prepare financial statements including planning and forecasting.

Average salary: £30,879

2. Call Centre Manager: The contact centre industry is one of the fastest growing employers in the UK as an increasing number of financial, retail and banking organisations look to centralise their customer services and sales operations.

Average salary: £29,500

3. Management Accountant: Management accountants assess the likely future financial status of an organisation's potential worth. Their role is to provide the financial information necessary to enable an organisation's management team to make sound strategic decisions.

Average salary: £30,264

4. Network Engineer: As a fundamental part of the IT department, network engineers install, maintain and support new and existing computer communication networks, such as LANS and WANS.

Average salary: £30, 972

5. Marketing Manager: As companies focus more on their image and brand, this job plays an important role. Marketing managers are responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies aimed to increase sales and raise brand awareness of organisations' products and services.

Average salary: £30,000

6. Relationship Manager: Relationship managers act as a liaison between the client and the various departments within the agency such as graphic design, photography and editing. And it is their overall responsibility to manage, plan and execute media schedules to meet the clients' expectations.

Average salary: £30,119

7. Paramedic: Paramedics work as part of the emergency response ambulance unit are the usually the first senior healthcare professionals at the scene of an accident. Their role is to assess the medical condition of the patient and initiate suitable treatment to stabilise the patient's condition until admission to hospital.

Average salary: £30,424

8. Air Traffic Controller: With more than 2.4 million flights coming in and out of the UK every year, air traffic controllers have a high volume of aircraft under their control at any given time. Their role is to ensure the safe take-off and landing of flights in and out of airports by placing flights in a holding pattern during busy times and instructing pilots as to the required height, speed and course to take upon approach.

Average salary: £30,000

9. Nutritionist: Nutritionists are sought out more and more as obesity and preventive health a growing public concern. Employed by the NHS, government agencies, health promotion agencies or food manufacturers, nutritionists examine the relationship between diet, health and disease.

Average salary: £30,000

10. Geologist: A geologist examines the composition, structure and history of the earth's crust. And they study fossil plants and animals to determine their evolutionary sequence and age. Geologists also apply their knowledge to engineering projects such as the construction of dams, tunnels and oil wells.

Average salary: £30,500


Last Updated: 03/09/2008 - 2:58 PM

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