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Imagine Publishing Ltd

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Imagine publishing was formed in 2005 and is now a worldwide multimedia content producer with key brands in print, online and on digital formats.

Imagine has a successful portfolio of magazines, bookazines, websites, apps and eBooks focusing on four key technology market sectors. We specialise in producing high quality, good value, international content for enthusiastic technologically literate prosumers.


Imagine Publishing is always seeking new recruits (we like to call ourselves Imagineers) to keep up with its ever expanding portfolio of high quality products. We hope someday you'll join us Imagine is one of the most successful multimedia technology content producers companies in the UK, with many trusted brands and loyal followers. Every single person who works at Imagine contributes directly to that success in some way, whether it’s writing or designing the content, supporting the publishing operation, or providing exemplary customer service. What makes an Imagineer? There isn’t such a thing as a typical Imagineer, because we celebrate diversity and individualism. What we do always look for though is focus, energy, passion, motivation and a willingness to be involved – by that we mean come and work with us and not just for us. We don’t just work hard, we work smart. Taking the time to plan your day, meeting deadlines (always – this is publishing after all!) evaluating results, and thinking creatively are all natural to us. Imagineer benefits

  • A successful, stable, creative working environment.
  • The opportunity to work with a dynamic team across the whole business.
  • Career development – check out our Imagine Success stories.
  • A high quality portfolio of products which embody the latest publishing technology.
  • Generous holiday and salary package.
And not forgetting…
  • A fabulous south coast beach location with offices based in the centre of Bournemouth.
  • A structured annual appraisal system and informal performance reviews to keep the focus alive.
  • A fantastic programme of Social Events.
  • And to top it all – a 4½ day working week – we don’t work on Friday afternoons – ever. How good is that!

Have you got what it takes? If you have seen your perfect job at Imagine you will need to convince us that we should meet you. Please take a look at our CV Tips to help you. We’ll always acknowledge your application and if you are successful in getting through to interview stage, we will be in touch via either telephone or email. Once we arrange your interview, we do our preparation and we expect you to do yours too – you can pick up a few pointers here – Interview Tips. The rest is up to you. We look forward to meeting you!

Core Values

All of Imagine’s products are created and defined according to the three core values set by the founders of the company when it was formed.

Superior Quality
All of Imagine's content is of the highest quality, and our printed products boast superior paper and cover quality, unrivalled and intelligent writing and world-class design. We never compromise the quality of our products, critical opinion or advice.

Technology Focus
Every Imagine magazine, bookazine and digital product is primarily aimed at the same core readership of technologically literate 24-35 year old males. Sophisticated and affluent readers want specialist technology magazines to deliver a high level of quality and intelligence, and Imagine is focused on delivering this key information to the audience.

Innovative and Inspiring
Imagine’s senior creative team have a proven track record in innovation, and its magazines, bookazines and digital offerings continually push the boundaries of packaging, editorial ideas, format and design.

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