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What is Betfair?

The Betfair group of companies ('Betfair') offers a global portfolio of gambling products and services. This includes the world's leading betting exchange (a concept pioneered by Betfair), which is provided in the UK. Betfair's other betting platforms include a bookmaking operation provided from Malta and a second betting exchange in Australia.

Home to the world's biggest online betting community, Betfair is striving to become the pre-eminent betting platform for the internet. After launching the world's first successful online betting exchange in June 2000, Betfair has grown into a multi-billion dollar business with an established portfolio of online gaming products comprising poker, casino and games. The company has in excess of two million registered customers with over 50% of all new registrations coming from outside the UK and Ireland.

Betfair is major investor in new technology and employs over 400 engineers to produce one of the fastest and most resilient betting platforms available on the internet. Across all its products, Betfair processes more than six million transactions on an average day - more than all of the European stock exchanges combined - and settlement is immediate. 99.9 per cent of transactions are completed in less than one second.
The rewards for joining one of Britain's biggest online success stories are excellent. They include a competitive remuneration and benefits package alongside a professional and socially-minded working environment. The culture at Betfair reflects the nature of our business: employees are enthusiastic about sport, technology, betting and share the desire to offer the best service to our customers. The company has a full calendar of social and sporting events for staff. Betfair recognises that it is essential to provide equal opportunities to all persons and aims to treat all employees, potential employees and other individuals equally, regardless of gender, race, age or disability. Betfair acts with integrity and fairness across all aspects of its business. Betfair has brought unprecedented openness and transparency to the gambling industry, something which current employees are incredibly proud of.
Betfair holds licences in the UK, Australia, Austria, and Malta and will only operate and market in countries in which it believes that it is legally able to do so. The company welcomes regulation and is actively seeking new licences around the world. It is committed to paying the appropriate product fees in every market in which it operates.

Betfair employs over 2,300 people globally. Its headquarters are in Hammersmith in West London, while its international business is hosted in Malta. It also has large operational bases in Stevenage and Australia with a software development business in Romania.

It is a two-time winner of the Queen's Award for Enterprise - the only betting company in the world ever to achieve this level of recognition.

Our strategy is simple - we want to be the unassailable first choice of the punter by providing the best value, service and protection. We intend to achieve this through continued investment in our technology and a continued commitment to setting the benchmark standard in innovation, integrity, fairness and consumer protection.
Good to Great
Do it right: Someone who delivers meaningful results Focuses on quality, thinks about long-term impact, builds agreements that last, and aligns expectations.

Do it together: Someone who treats Betfair as One Team
Values collaboration and trusts colleagues, treats people objectively, fairly and with integrity, and respects other people's time.

Do it for customers: Someone who puts the customer at the forefront of their mind. Provides great service to customers (internal or external), seeks to understand them in depth, and understands the importance of different customer groups to Betfair.

Do it better: Someone who drives innovation and continuous improvement Takes what exists and does it better, makes things happen.

Do it while developing others: Motivates others in situations that involve change or learning, understands others and matches their aspirations with Betfair's, shows self-awareness, a desire to learn and a willingness to change

Do it with Integrity: Someone who communicates effectively Actively shares relevant information, promotes diverse opinions and the exchange of information, challenges effectively, thinks about the impact of their communication on others.
Betfair pay and benefits are among the best in the gambling and IT industries, and eligible employees can buy shares in the company through the SAYE scheme. Betfair is proud of the fact that half of its employees own part of the company through this scheme.

Our benefits include:

  • 25 days holiday (varies according to location)
  • Cash bonus scheme
  • Comprehensive medical insurance
  • Travel season-ticket loan (varies according to location)
  • Learning and development opportunities
  • Employee referral scheme
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