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Sava Senior Care

10,000 - 25,000 employees  |  
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We focus on people. Our residents. Their lives. Their health. Their families.

We are one of the largest providers of short-term and long-term health care services in the United States. Through our affiliated entities, we provide services through skilled nursing facilities in several states.

We are committed to providing compassionate, family-oriented short-term and long-term care.


Our rehabilitation services are aimed at the goals of returning each patient to their prior level of function and improving their quality of life. We provide comprehensive services, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, to all of our residents who require rehabilitation services. Our therapists are trained to evaluate and treat the underlying impairments causing disabilities. Our facilities offer rehabilitation programs for patients who may have the following needs: * Wound Care * Pain Management * Dementia Care * Diabetic Care * Post-Operative Care * Neurological Disorders

Care Services

Our goal is to provide our residents with services designed to achieve the best possible health, level of function, and quality of life. We work hard to care for our residents the way we would want our family member cared for.

We focus on individualized care that respects the dignity and rights of our residents.

We believe quality treatment requires a combination of "caring and curing" for the best outcomes.

We are one of the largest providers of short-term and long-term health care services in the United States . Services are provided through skilled nursing facilities that offer services including:

– Skilled Nursing Care
– Physical Therapy (short-term and long-term)
– Occupational Therapy (short-term and long-term)
– Speech Therapy (short-term and long-term)
– Wound Care
– Hospice Care
– Respite Care