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Credit Protection Association

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Since 1914…

Economical – Ethical – Efficient – Effective

The Credit Protection Association has assisted tens of thousands of U.K businesses over the years, ensuring their success and prosperity through effective credit management.

From CPA's London head office, innovative I.T. connects client-members to essential financial data, enabling instant decision-making relating to the granting of credit. Client-Members at the touch of a button can also instantaneously refer their overdue accounts, which usually results in full settlement days later.

There are also branch offices in or near Falkirk, Bolton, Harrogate, Birmingham, Newmarket and Bristol with full representation. Clients can thus be assisted either through “Claripoint” simultaneous screen or visited throughout the whole country whenever help or advice is needed.

In these times of acute financial volatility when trading conditions can change overnight, it really pays to have a state-of-the-art credit management system at your immediate disposal. Hours rather than days can make the crucial difference between disaster and continued trading success.

The Credit Protection Association

Freephone: 0800 634 0187
Fax: 020 8741 7459

Head office address:
CPA House, 350 King Street, London, W6 0RX
Sales Careers With CPA
Thank you for looking at our career web page. Perhaps you have taken the first step in a long and rewarding association with us!

CPA is long-established and has built up substantial resources through organic growth over the years. We enjoy an enviable reputation within our niche market for the supply of corporate credit management services. We are able to provide a reliable and cost-effective credit management solution for almost every type of business which extends credit for the supply of its goods or services.

Exciting sales opportunities exist in representing either CPA Online or CPA (PAID),which are run as separate divisions. Vacancies can occur almost anywhere within England, Scotland or Wales, so there may be a suitable opportunity close to you now.

We are highly selective whom we choose to represent us. You will of course be of the utmost integrity and possess an exceptional work ethic. Successful CPA sales people have come from a variety of backgrounds – the services, police, teachers, the stage, etc. Certainly previous sales experience or a broad business background is useful, but not essential as full training is provided.

You will be allocated your own exclusive sales territory and will work Monday to Friday, business hours only, presenting our product to CEO's and proprietors of all types of businesses on their premises. You need a current driving licence, a good educational background, be articulate and reasonably numerate. The essential qualities are above average drive, a genuine desire to succeed and perseverance.

Remuneration is substantial for men and women who have 100% commitment and there is no pre-set ceiling for truly ambitious and hard working people. The work is very varied and interesting. No two presentations (or potential clients) are ever alike!