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Norbert Dentressangle

25,000+ employees  |  
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With more than 33,000 employees across 500 sites in 20 countries, 1,800 vehicles, 2,923 trailers and 2.5 million sq m of warehousing, Norbert Dentressangle is one of the UK’s largest logistics, transport, and freight forwarding companies.

Through its UK network of sites and people, Norbert Dentressangle provides local, personal responses - backed by global expertise and strength.

Norbert Dentressangle offers a complete range of innovative, efficient, and cost-effective services including dedicated and shared-user warehousing and transport to both manufacturers and retailers, temperature controlled food logistics, e-fulfilment and reverse logistics, 4PL, and ADR solutions.

UK customers include Akzo Nobel, Asda, Argos, Birds Eye, Coca Cola, Ford, General Motors, Kimberly Clark, JCB, LG Electronics, Marks & Spencer, Pilkington, Tata Steel, Velux, Weetabix, and Zara.
Company Values


In Norbert Dentressangle, each individual is an entrepreneur, driven by the desire to take on ambitious challenges and embodied in their sense of responsibility, appetite for performance and capacity to innovate. Day-to-day behaviour is based on initiative, risk-taking and strict working practices.


In Norbert Dentressangle, individual advancement is directly linked to the success of the Group. Since challenges are met as a team, transparency, integrity and loyalty must be demonstrated by every individual.


In Norbert Dentressangle, each individual is actively involved in the realisation of their own goals and in meeting the challenges the Group has set itself. Each individual keeps their word. Difficulties and obstacles are seen as opportunities for higher achievement.


In Norbert Dentressangle, we aim for the summit of the mountain. Each individual is on the alert for the best way to accomplish a task and cultivates pride in a job well done. Being the best in their sector means constantly striving to improve personal skills.

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