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Blue Square

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Blue Square are a dynamic, innovative retail marketing agency that delivers key services to drive brand activity within the marketplace.

With an ambition and drive to become the number one face to face marketing company in the UK, Blue Square uses an intelligent approach to business partnering in order to lead brand activity on behalf of client partners.

This will be achieved through the high quality services that are offered, none more essential or important than its people. By operating a learning and development programme which is unrivalled within the industry, a development journey commences from the recruitment and selection phase enabling feedback and bespoke development plans to match aspiration, progression and drive employee motivation. This drives engagement and performance delivery for our client partners through the commitment we have in our people.

  The drive and passion of our people is then focused through activity to drive results, the reporting and insight division intuitively complies data and analysis which drives opportunity within the marketplace. By working collaboratively with our Partnership Development Team, activity is constructed and delivered in order to maximise the opportunity, ensure the brand differentiates itself from competitors and to enhance the consumer journey for our client partners in order to drive brand awareness, advocacy and tangible results.

Blue Square is able to adapt quickly in a competitive marketplace recruiting a high volume, high quality candidate that enables us to business partner clients. Underpinned by a range of services including management consultancy services, analytics and brand advocacy programmes that change the dynamic within the retail marketing industry.

This level of collaboration and success would not be possible without the people at the heart of the business which is why Blue Square Marketing believes in a philosophy of; People. First. Always.

Career Opportunities

With an in-house Talent Acquisition function we have developed robust techniques to resource, identify and select talent for the retail environment.

We believe in a positive engagement from the very first interaction ensuring that we measure the skills, competencies and aspirations of each candidate and providing them with transparency over the roles.

The onboarding process is very much a two way collaborative approach designed to create career plans.