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Quacquarelli Symonds

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QS Quacquarelli Symonds was founded in 1990 and has established itself as the leading global provider of specialist higher education and careers information and solutions. At QS we believe that education and career decisions are too important to leave to chance, we want to ensure candidates have access to the best tools and the best independent expert information before making a decision.

We are a medium-sized company with over 250 staff in offices throughout the world: London, Paris, Bucharest, Stuttgart, Mumbai and Singapore.
QS is a company that encourages individuals to achieve their potential. As a QS employee, you have the opportunity to work in your area of expertise or try your hand at one you're interested in.

Our diverse portfolio of events and products enables staff to experience all corners of the business. There are regular training sessions to attend, events to participate in, and travel opportunities to make the most of. QS fosters a unique working environment, one that balances professionalism with a social life.

We're a fast growing company – each year we extend our core products and develop new ones, always striving to serve our staff and clients better. Get in touch and experience QS – apply for an internship or one of the vacancies we currently have available.