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Chave and Jackson

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Background to Chave & Jackson Ltd.


Chave & Jackson Ltd. comprises of Chave & Jackson Pharmacy on
Broad Street shop and Chandos Pharmacy on St. Owen Street in Hereford.  There has been a pharmacy on the site of
Chave & Jackson, Broad Street, continuously serving the City of Hereford,
since at least the early 19th Century.  Over the last 150 years or more there has, of
course, been a steady succession of pharmacists associated with the business
from Mr. Duggan followed by Mr. W. F Chave who took over responsibility for the
business, later to be joined by J.J Jackson around the turn of the
century.  Neither of these gentlemen is,
of course, now living, nor do their families or successors have any connection
with this business.  Nevertheless, it has
been a conscious decision of the directors ever since to retain the company
title as they formed it at that time.


There have been a number of directors since the time of Messrs. Chave
& Jackson, each assuming either a part – controlling interest in the
business, right up to the present day when the company is still wholly owned
and controlled by the pharmacist directors employed within it.  Chave & Jackson Ltd. is currently owed
and managed by Ian, Geoff and Brian Shackleton who took over the business in
November 2005.  Ian and Geoff are fifth
generation pharmacists of H. Shackleton Ltd. based in Abergavenny, South

During more than a century and a half of service to Hereford, the
business has steadily expanded and prospered, despite the great social changes
which have taken place during this time and the total revolution in retailing
techniques which have occurred during the last 25 years, together with the
development of the National Health Service over the last 50 years.  That the company has steadily prospered
overall during such a long period (covering hard times as well as good, and
periods of unknown challenge as well as periods of settled activity), is a
justifiable source of pride to many of the people, staff as well as directors,
who have been associated with it.  The
principal reason for that success can be directly attributed to one thing which
has not changed in any way over all the period in question – the absolute insistence
at all times that Chave and Jackson Ltd. offers service to its customers
unequalled to that obtained elsewhere. 
This is not mere self delusion on our part; it is not uncommon to hear
regular customers state that the reason they come to us continually is the
quality of the service we offer.  As it
has always been so it must remain.  This
makes for high demands upon the efficiency, appearance and knowledge of our
staff but a considerable pride of place and work can result.  It is also the one thing guaranteed to
produce continuing prosperity and employment in the future, what ever the
current passing fashion may be. 

We operate in an exciting and ever-changing climate.  Every day brings new challenges to help us
develop and grow. 

As a long established family run business our aim is to deliver a
personal, friendly and professional service to our community.  We aim to achieve this by having highly
motivated and skilled staff who will build and foster relationships with our
customers, by understanding their needs and meeting expectations.  We aim to continually review and improve our
services and performance in order that we excel in providing the best service