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We'll match you with the brightest graduate jobs.
At Pareto, we look at graduate recruitment differently. That's why we offer a unique alternative to traditional recruitment agencies, taking you on the full journey from application through to assessment, training, placement and beyond. We don't just find you a job. We match you to your perfect role and support you in building your graduate career.

So if you're looking for a career that is lucrative, fast-paced and packed with rewards, we can provide the answer. Every year we match thousands of successful candidates to their perfect graduate job. Whether you're looking to join hundreds of like-minded graduates in a multinational blue-chip organisation or find your perfect fit within an entrepreneurial SME, Pareto Law jobs will give you access to some of the leading companies within the UK and abroad.
Why a career in graduate sale?
The world of sales is open to any graduate from any degree background. Best of all, starting salaries are amongst the most competitive around and come with a wad of commission on top. With rapid progression to take you to the top of the career ladder, fast. So if you haven't found out where your degree can take you, let Pareto show you. Our graduate jobs will open doors.
Why Pareto Law jobs?
When it comes to placing our candidates, we know a good sales graduate when we see one. In our time we've placed hundreds upon thousands of candidates, inviting over 20,000 candidates to our assessment days every year. Our Graduate Management Team go beyond your CV to find out exactly what makes you tick. Our one-to-one coaching and mentoring will ensure you are confident and prepared, from your original application through to placement and beyond.

As part of our screening process, we take you through a comprehensive telephone interview, inviting those who are successful to one of our unique graduate assessment days. We run up to 4 assessment days a week around the UK, assessing on core competencies and raw potential, to find out how you can fit into the world of sales.
Taking your career further

Once we’ve landed you that perfect job, we don’t stop there. As the UK's
largest and most successful graduate sales recruitment organisation, we equip
you with the tools you need to hit the ground running in your graduate career.
Starting with a five-day residential sales course and more training as your
role develops, we provide market leading training, support and accreditation
opportunities, taking you from the foundations of your career through to
executive level. We're in for the long run, helping you become the very best
you can be. Many of our graduates have risen through the ranks to become
Managing Directors, Sales Directors, CEOs and business leaders of the future. 

you're looking for graduate job and think you have what it takes to become a
Pareto graduate, talk to us today and find out where we could take you. The
Pareto Effect means you get the graduate career you deserve.

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