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Midland Recruiters


Midland Recruiters was founded in 1979 as a small, regional search & recruitment firm. Today, we have advanced to a premier recruiting firm, technology-driven and national in scope. Leading companies and organizations, both small and large, depend on us to meet their personnel needs. We are experts in identifying and recruiting outstanding candidates and superior talent for a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Whether you are an employer searching for the best candidates or a candidate searching for a smart career move, we have the resources and expertise to assist you. With Midland, your precise needs are always efficiently and quickly met.

Why Midland Recruiters?

Experience & Expertise!

Midland Recruiters has been recruiting
highly qualified personnel and serving firms of all sizes for over a quarter century. Leading companies and organizations depend on us to meet their personnel needs.

Our recruiting specialists have effectively served a wide range of clients, large and small, public and private. When clients choose our candidates, they consistently experience higher rates of offer acceptance, exceptional retention and high promotion rates.

The most difficult aspect of hiring talent for key positions is locating and attracting them. They are not looking for a job, they are not sending out resumes or reading the employment section of the newspaper. It takes industry knowledge, research, networking on a daily basis to reach these qualified potential candidates who will consider making a change. That's what Midland Recruiters do.


Midland Recruiters

7261 Engle Road, Suite 201
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130
(440) 234-1800
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We provide permanent placements for essential positions in companies and organizations worldwide. Our goal is to reduce the interval between a vacant position and candidate selection. With our team of consultants assisting you throughout the recruitment process, your organization will remain uninterrupted and productive, so executive time can be devoted to more urgent duties. Midland's entire search process is customized to serve your immediate and long term goals. Together we can develop a detailed description of the position and define the required qualifications. We VALUE your input. Together we establish the guidelines and procedures to be followed throughout the process. Our Consultants then prepare and complete an extensive campaign to locate candidates that not only fit the 'technical' requirements but also those who 'fit' your companies' personality. Our very thorough screening process has afforded us the reputation for finding the right chemistry between candidates and employers. Because our candidates tend to stay with our client companies, we look for the intangibles that will allow them to succeed not only in their current position, but the next step upward within your organization. Throughout this process, your anonymity is always secure, so your business remains uninterrupted and the competition is unaware of internal changes. Your employees are truly your most important assets, so finding and retaining those employees becomes vital to your success. Because we do our job well, our client companies consistently enjoy exceptional retention rates and promotability factors. We are committed to finding the best candidates and simplifying your recruitment search.

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