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Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

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HPFT is on a journey from
‘Good’ to ‘Great’ and is fully committed to providing excellent health and
social care for people with mental ill health, physical ill health and those
with learning disabilities. We do this by providing services which make a positive
difference to the lives of patients, service users and their carers,
underpinned by the principles of choice, independence and equality.

We provide integrated health
and social care across community and inpatient settings treating and caring for
people across Hertfordshire, Norfolk and North Essex.

Our partnership arrangements
with the local authority (Hertfordshire County Council) provide an excellent
opportunity to develop a recovery orientated approach based on a holistic
assessment of both health and social care needs. We also aim to play a full
part in the local health and social care economies that we serve by promoting
greater integration between mental and physical health and social care.

We are also a University
trust, with close links to the University of Hertfordshire, providing excellent
learning and development opportunities for our staff, as well as strengthening
clinical research.