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As The Global Leader In Human Capital Solutions, We Help Organizations Target And Attract Their Most Important Asset - Their People.

As One Of The Largest Global Online Job Sites, CareerBuilder Puts More Than 1 Million Jobs In Front Of Poised Job Seekers Around The World.

CareerBuilder provides access to more than 26 million job seekers monthly in more than 55 countries. CareerBuilder’s expansive partner network consistently delivers your posting to the most elusive profiles, the passive job-seeker. Through our 2000+ Global Partners, we help you reach jobseekers where they live, work and play.

CareerBuilder offers a vast online network to help job seekers connect with employers. With direct, real-time access to more than 40 percent of the EU work force, we know what makes employees and companies tick.

We offer competitive salaries and some of the best company incentives & rewards out there. At CareerBuilder, innovation, recognition and camaraderie aren't just corporate jargon; they're a way of life.
CareerBuilder’s mission is to empower employment, by striving to organize all the world’s human capital data and make it meaningful for society.

Through constant innovation, unparalleled technology, and customer care delivered at every touch point, CareerBuilder helps match the right talent with the right opportunity more often than any other company.

Over the last 20 years, we have been at the forefront of innovation in the recruitment space. From our earliest days as a pioneer in job board technology to our current leadership in HR software as a service, we have made it our business to empower companies and job seekers around the world.