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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust provides general acute services for a population of 380,000 and hyper-acute stroke, vascular and renal services to people living throughout whole of Northamptonshire, a population of 692,000.  The Trust is also an accredited cancer centre and provides cancer services to a wider population of 880,000 who live in Northamptonshire and parts of Buckinghamshire.

In addition to the main hospital site, which is located close to Northampton town centre, the Trust also provides outpatient and day surgery services at Danetre Hospital in Daventry.


We've signed up to the Time to Change employer pledge. Our pledge is to create a culture where our staff feel they can openly discuss and manage their mental wellbeing.

When you join our team, you can choose to join our on-site leisure centre and swimming pool. Cripps Leisure Centre is run by our health and wellbeing partner Trilogy Leisure Trust.