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What you should know:

50% of 25-34 year-olds are ready for a change.

40% of jobseekers prefer to be contacted about open positions.

75% of jobseekers have put a profile on an online jobsite.

Source: CareerBuilder Internal.

Be Proactive.

Do you prefer to recruit employees proactively, rather than waiting for applications? Our CV Database offers you everything you need to reach candidates quickly.

Including: the UK’s most advanced CV search interface, recruiter management tools for storing CV’s, our exclusive ‘CV Flip’ replicating the experience of quickly thumbing through a stack of CVs, and our managed communication interface to connect you with promising candidates through saved letters and custom branded messages.

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Effecient Search

Define your search criteria using keyword and boolean search terms. We’ll return you a result list, sorting potential candidates according to how well they meet your job profile. You have the choice to view, print, forward or save the CVs for further review - or make immediate contact with promising candidates.

Verwalten & kontaktieren

Easy Communication

Our CV database not only makes it easier for you to find interesting CV’s, but also offers you the ability to streamline your correspondence with applicants using custom communication templates. Our Recruitment Email Tool will allow you to send small employer-branded campaigns directly to the candidates who most closely match your requirements.

Benefits in Brief:

  • More Speed: Contact candidates immediately
  • More Relevancy: Candidates automatically sorted by relevancy
  • More Comfort: Efficient communication via templates
  • More Interaction: Easy creation of small employer branding campaigns


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