Mobile Recruiting

What you should know

20+ million UK users access the web via mobile devices.

15% of CareerBuilder visits are on a mobile device.

Many users report searching for jobs on mobile devices during their commute.

Sources: comScore, CareerBuilder Internal.

Be found on the move

Mobile Internet is now available to everyone - and helps entertain millions during long queues or during the daily commute. This presents a perfect time for users to look for new career opportunities. CareerBuilder Mobile ensures that your company can be found on the move.

Code2Card: From QR-Code to contact

Our Code2Card steers potential candidates directly to your career site with a mobile enabled application process. CareerBuilder creates a custom branded QR code which directs users to your mobile-enabled website with basic information on your firm. Interested parties have the opportunity to leave their contact information to find out more.


CB Mobile: Mobile enabled jobsearch

Your company website is one of the most important source of information for your potential candidates. More and more users are now using mobile devices to access the Internet. However, not all sites are optimized for viewing on smart phones or tablets. CareerBuilder makes it easy to get your career site ready for your mobile job seekers, presenting your company as a smart employer.

QR Code

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Benefits in brief:

  • More Coverage: reach a new mobile jobseeker
  • More Comfort: no additional IT requirement
  • More Attention: employer branding for modern devices
  • More Contacts: collect contacts via the mobile web
  • More Service: custom designed to match your brand
Mobile Recruiting


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