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Completely Care Recruitment Consultants Ltd

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Care Ltd was founded in 2004 to offer a tailored, quality-focused
recruitment service for the Oxfordshire care sector, built on principles
of quality, trust and honesty.

They are the cornerstone of our business as we expanded, and have
enabled us to become the preferred supplier to a growing number of
clients across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire,
Wiltshire and throughout South Wales.

We employ only the best specialist staff

Your lead consultant will be hand-picked for his or her knowledge, experience and skills in your area.

We register only the best candidates

We operate a vigorous and robust recruitment process for every
candidate, which gives you complete confidence that your service users
will receive the best support and protection.

All candidates are DBS-checked as part of the recruitment process, and this is administered by our sister business

We only offer you the right candidate

The candidates we offer you will be right for your role, your organisational culture and environment.

Our 'would I?' principle

If we would not feel comfortable with someone providing care to one
of our own family members, then they do not make it onto our books. It
really is that simple.

Our values are simple, but unwavering. We will continue to develop
our reputation from such attention to detail; and we each take our
reputation very, very personally.

Drop us a line and we would be happy to show you why a growing number
of clients in the care, education sector consider us as a vital aspect
of their temporary and permanent recruitment.

About Us

Every week, recruitment consultancy Completely Care helps hundreds of
people find rewarding work in social care, healthcare, childcare and
education across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire,
Wiltshire and throughout South Wales.

Our newest temporary and permanent jobs are snapped up
quickly and never make it onto our jobs board. So register with us today
and jump the queue.

As a specialist employment agency, we live and breathe
the care sector. That, together with our honest and friendly approach,
ensures that a growing number of clients look to us to source staff for
the widest range of jobs across the care sector.

And as a Completely Care worker, you will have a great
choice of part-time, full-time, short or long-term roles, giving you the
flexibility to work when you choose.

We update our jobs board every day. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter, to see the latest roles as they arrive.

Contact Us
53a West Way, Botley, Oxford, OX2 0JE T: 01865 727 751
F: 01865 727 439