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Cookies on the CareerBuilder Sites

First Party Cookies

Cookie Name

Cookie Type/Purpose

Information Collected

Duration of Cookie


Session Identifier

Remembers user name and password to enable us to serve secure pages to you without asking you to sign in repeatedly.

Session: Expires when the browser is closed or after 12 hours of inactivity if a job seeker or 30 minutes of inactivity if an employer.


User Identifier

Identifier assigned to each browser the first time that it visits the Site. This is used to recognise returning users and display job recommendations and other user-specific content to the user based on past jobs viewed and past job and other searches previously conducted by you on the Site.

Persistent: Expires 1 year from when set or updated.


User Type Identifier

Identifies whether a user is an employer or a job seeker so that he or she may be directed between pages on the Sites accordingly.

Session: Expires when the browser is closed.

mxsl and mxdl

Grid Control Settings

Captures current settings in the display grids such as page number and sort so that the pages display correctly.

Session: Expires when the browser is closed.



Controls whether the user has already viewed a popunder the current session.

Session: Expires when the browser is closed.

Third Party Cookies

Cookie Type

Information Collected

Web Analytics

Determines unique visitors to the Sites and collects information about where a visitor came from, details of a user’s visits to the Sites (including IP addresses), how long a visitor remains on the Sites, the resources they access on the Sites. These cookies may continue tracking a user on third party sites that include the same web analytics services.

Banner Advertising

Tracks banners displayed to a user, the number of impressions of the banner, types of banners shown to a user and any user preferences or data tied to banners.


Tracks the sites a user visits across the web, allowing relevant advertising to be displayed to them across the web based on the types of sites they have visited, items they have viewed or purchases they have made.

Pixel Tracking

Tracks whether a user has visited a third party site from one of the Sites in order to track the effectiveness of a job posting or other advertising campaign.

Tool Preference Settings

Tracks preferences a user has set for third party tools on the Sites.