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How to be a smarter job seeker When looking for a job you often need to come up with more creative and smarter ways to stand out from the competition. So what is it that some jobseekers do that they often seem to find a new job faster than others? Oftentimes, it is one of these 10 things that make your job search smarter. Top employment trends to watch this year After the public sector job losses and with high youth unemployment, the UK labour market is still very fragile. At the same time, the number of private sector jobs is growing and a recent study among UK business leaders by showed more cautious hiring trends across all industries.
Making the best of a job you hate There's just no denying the signs. In fact you don't need any signs at all. You just can't stand your job. But how many of us have the luxury to just get up and leave a lousy job without having another lined up? Here are some ways to get through the day. 10 signs your interview went well You did it. You landed an interview, dressed to impress and had great conversation, and you think you might actually have a shot at getting a job offer. But is there any way to actually know if the interview was in your favor? Here are 10 signs that indicate you rocked your interview.

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